Tomato Paste, Fruit Puree, Apple Juice Concentrate from Chile

About Us

We are a reliable supplier of Tomato Paste, Fruit Concentrates and Juice Concentrates in Chile. Established since 1998, with the constant quality of Agrozzi over time, recognized and endorsed by the entire world food industry. We supply quality ingredients and advise on their industrial use. We have been supplying our customers with Tomato Paste, Fruit Purees and Juice Concentrates for more than 25 years.

Agrozzi Plant

Agrozzi’s facilities, located 170 km south of Santiago de Chile, are highly automated in three state-of-the-art plants (Rossi & Catelli) with processing lines that allow food safety and great flexibility to meet the specifications of each client. Processing a tomato paste with the highest quality, fruit purees and concentrated juices at internationally competitive prices.

Strategic Supplier

We supply our products to the main food manufacturers in the world and in more than 40 countries worldwide, Chile has a wide network of Free Trade Agreements, which allow us to enter duty free, without import taxes (0% Tariff) to more than 90% of world trade, with the main economies of the world. In addition to highly competitive direct freight worldwide.


Agrozzi’s goal is to provide top quality, reliable products through processes that are in tune with environmental standards, applying rigorous controls in the use of fertilizers and pesticides approved by the FDA. We are committed to collaborating as suppliers to operate sustainably, now and in the future.